The Institute

The purposes of the Institute are:

  • to develop theoretical foundations for the field of OAE
  • to develop professional standards that recognize commonality and diversity
  • to undertake research and implement projects to influence the quality of practice
  • to identify and develop areas of commonality with environmental education
    The Institute will achieve this by:
  • developing networks and exchanges for academic staff, students and practitioners
  • facilitating conferences
  • promoting information exchanges through electronic media, publications and congresses
  • coordinating collaborative research projects
  • developing transnational codes of practice
  • developing professional development programmes and core curricula for programmes to achieve an international accepted degree
  • monitoring and evaluating the quality of provision

Founded in 1996 the European Institute is a non-governmental association registered at the magistrates` court of Marburg in Germany.

For more detailed information we invite you to read our Statute and Statement of Intent or contact our board members.

To order our newsletter or to contact EOE with another request please send an e-mail to: contact(at)