Sibylle Roth

Sibylle Roth currently is a Phd Student at the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy in Freiburg. Here she does her research on “Muße” in the forest which looks into space perception, contemplation and art of idleness of individuals in forests. Beside the PhD she is lecturer at polytechnics in Germany, one module captures the field of “City Bound” the other modules within the study of Social Science are mainly taught through experiential learning methods. Sibylle is a Social Worker and did parts of her practical Training in experiential learning (2008) with Erlebnistage und Schattenspringer (both German institutions) studied the MA Abenteuer- und Erlebnispädgogik in Marburg and took three terms of the programme in Wales under the lead of Dr Andy Williams (2012). She got the chance to work with the bsj and ALEA which enlarged the horizon of experience in the field even further. 2013 she founded her Outdoor Education Institution together with three colleagues called Stadtflucht and worked here self employed. With the move to the UK the institution - which still runs in the south of Germany - got left behind for the exploration of new opportunities. Sibylle is engaged in EOE work since the conference was held in Finnland (2010) where she got the chance to support the Finnish delegation with the set up. Since 2016 she is co-opted member. Her passion within the Outdoors are sailing, canoeing and kayaking, hiking, walking as well as land art and contemplative ways of exploring the outdoors with all senses. Being a Yoga instructor too she likes to explore and challenge the human body and mind within the outdoors to develop, flourish and become a better self, in ways of selflearning but also regarding taking responsibility in society. 

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