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Jan Neumann passed away

In quiet sorrow we say goodbye to our founding member Jan Neumann, who died on April 17th.
Jan was pivotal in the development of Outdoor Education in the Czech Republic after the Soviet withdrawal and a central pillar in the degree programme at Charles University where he will be much missed by his colleagues.
In 1994 Jan Neumann and the Charles University in Prague organized a conference on the topic of “Outdoor Activities”, which helped to establish the EOE. As a committed and always curious colleague, Jan not only co-founded the EOE Institute but also worked actively on the board from 1996 to 2000.
During this time he also hosted the EOE board meetings several times and brought the board members closer to the culture of the Czech Republic and the beauty of its capital Prague. Jan was a very polite and hospitable person.
In the work of the board and the development of the institute, Jan contributed to the Czech traditions of Outdoor Education and in particular the concept of “Touristika”.
We have come to appreciate him as a committed, reliable, and always helpful friend and colleague and we will always keep him in honour.
Our thoughts are with his family, his colleagues and loved ones.

The board of the EOE Institute

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