Members of the Institute are contributing to different aspects of the international discussions about outdoor adventure education and experiential learning. There are also some publications the Institute has published to stimulate the debate on special topics and some conference proceedings the Institute has edited.

Printed Publications

Becker, P./Humberstone, B./Loynes, C./Schirp, J. (Eds): The Changing World of Outdoor Learning in Europe. London: Routledge 2018, 284 pages, ab 29,50€ (Routledge) (available at amazon)

Becker, P./Schirp, J.: Other Ways of Learning. The European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning 1996-2006, Marburg 2008, 375 pages, 20,00 EURO (available at amazon) (pdf-download Review of the Journal of Experiential Education)

Becker, P./Schirp, J./Weber, C.: Water – Space for Experiences. Youth and Outdoor Education in Europe, Marburg 2010, 170 pages, 17,00 EURO (available at amazon)

Electronic Conference Proceedings

12th European Conference 2012 "Outdoor Learning as a means of promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles and social inclusion for young people". Held in Derwent Water/UK on 26-30 October in cooperation with Derwent Hill Outdoor Education & Training Centre. For more information see the electronic conference proceedings (pdf-download).

11th European Conference 2011 “Into the woods. About the significance of woods and wilderness for Youth Work in Europe”. Held in Rautavaara/Finland on 7-10 October in cooperation with Metsäkartano Youth Center/Finland. Electronic conference proceedings:

pdf-download: E-Book 11th European Conference 2011

10th European Conference 2010 "Encountering, Experiencing and Exploring Nature in Education". Held in Planica/Slovenia on 22-25 September 2010 in cooperation with CSOD. For more information see the electronic conference proceedings

Electronic Project Reports

Festeu, D./Humberstone, B.: Non-formal Education through Outdoor Activities Guide, 256 pages, Buckinghamshire 2006, pdf-download