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EOE conference 2025

Dear EOE Members,

As you know, at the last conference of EOE in Metsakartano, we announced our next conference will be in Rimini on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Our conference will be hosted by the University of Bologna at its Rimini campus. The local organising committee for the conference has been meeting in Rimini to prepare to welcome EOE members from across Europe to the city and the university.

Unfortunately, due to other large Expo and conferencing events taking place in Rimini next September and the pressure of commitments to other organisational tasks in the University, it was the view of the committee that organising the EOE conference in September 2024 is not an achievable goal.

Therefore, the board has, regretfully, postponed the next EOE conference until the week before Easter in 2025. The new dates for the conference will be on 14-17th April 2025. With an absence of conflicting events and commitments at that time, we are confident that we will have another fantastic EOE conference and our first event in Italy.

The Board thanks you for your understanding.

We intend to organise two webinar events around our original September dates with speakers discussing the themes from the 2025 conference; place-based education and urban adventures. Further details will be posted on the EOE Network Facebook Group. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Rimini in 2025.

With kindest regards,

EOE board

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