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EOE network webinar “25 years of EOE- Looking to the Future.”

Webinar Series: Celebrating 25 years of the EOE Network

25 years of EOE- Looking to the Future.

5pm CET Thursday 21st October 2021

Free booking via Eventbrite

The webinar will look back over the friendships, joint projects and shared practices that have developed over the years before looking forward to the future that outdoor learning may take in a rapidly changing world.

Part 1, Reflecting on the past, will introduce:

Prof. Peter Becker (Germany)
Prof. Barbara Humberstone (UK)
Yari Kujala (Finland)
Prof. Kirsti Pedersen Gurholt (Norway)

All are key figures throughout EOE’s history and, through EOE, have made significant contributions to European outdoor learning. We will ask them to comment on how the outdoor field has developed over the last 25 years and as a panel to respond to questions collected from a range of outdoor interests.

Part 2, Looking to the Future, will welcome four younger outdoor enthusiasts from across Europe:

Josh Bennett (USA & Norway)
Paavo Heinonen (Finland)
Klaudja Koci (Albania)
Therese Oettl (Germany

They will share their personal stories and be asked what they consider are the priorities for outdoor learning in the future.

Our next conference. The webinar is an opportunity to celebrate our 25th birthday, originally planned to be at our postponed Conference now planned for next year:

Childhood and Nature
Marburg, Germany.
19th-23rd October 2022.

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